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"I use the ‘New patient folders, Inserts and Exercise sheets’ for all new patients (during a 45 min time slot). The folders are straight forward enough and take no time at all to complete. I apply brief notes to the anatomical diagram in front of the patient, explaining my findings as I go, the relevant exercise sheets can then be added to the folder at the end or saved till the next follow-up appointment if time is short (or there is a need for heavier supervision). Patients often remark that they’ve never received this kind of documented feedback from their previous osteopaths.It helps patients to have a basic written form of report as there can be a lot to take in."

Grace, Osteopath

Central & North London


"I would like to say how pleased I am with the brochures, exercise sheets (diagrams) and folders received from Osteomedia. They are very professionally produced, a good price and promptly delivered. I plan to get some of the stickers in my next order. I heartily recommend them and so do my patients."

BackCare Clinic, Surrey



"My osteopath gave me a poster to display in our nursery prompting much inquiry with our parents, now many of the children receive cranial osteopathy. As a patient myself, I found the exercise sheets conveniently sized and easy to follow. Useful to refer to after the consultation as there was a lot of information to absorb." 


Melanie, Patient

Holly Bush Nursery, North London


"I purchased the Osteomedia exercise sheets a few days ago, firstly they were promptly delivered and well packaged. We have found that a large number of patients require exercise sheets. They have proven very popular (with about 90% of our patients opting to use them). The content is clear, concise and easy to follow. I have made a second order on this site and will be ordering more in due course. We feel there is a real need for this sort of supplementary material."


Ingrid. Practice Manager

Central London



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