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Childrens Stickers

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Childrens Stickers

Childrens Stickers

Price: £6.39

Osteomedia's Children's Stickers can be given out to paediatric patients and other young visitors during treatments, trade fairs and other promotional events. An assortment of 70 stickers.


Titles include:

  • I'm a star patient for my osteopath!                       
  • Osteopathy is for children too!        
  • Osteopathy is good for my development!
  • Osteopathy treats my structure to improve my function!                       
  • Osteopathy for the whole family!


Specification: full colour, gloss finish, 35mm diameter (35 stickers per sheet).



"Add an element of fun for the younger visitors."



X70 Childrens Stickers: £6.39

X140 Childrens Stickers: £12.78 £11.78



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X140 Childrens Stickers

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